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Meeting with Hon'ble Sri.P.Chidambaram,Finance Minister



14 September 2013 was a memorable day for us in AIBRF. On that day, Our Organising Secretary, Mr.AL.Chandramouli, (President IOBRA)along with our Vice- President(General SecretaryIOBRA) Dr,B.Ramji met Hon.ble Sri.P.Chidambaram Minister of Finance, Government of India at Pudukkottai,and presented a copy of UFBRO Charter of demands.

The meeting took place in a cordial atmosphere. Hon’ble FM was very sympathetic and promised to look into our Charter of demands and other requests on getting back to Delhi. He assured that he would try to do something in the matter We  are confident of positive response to our request. We note to pursue the matter. We are thankful to the Hon’ble F.M Sri.P.Chidambaram for his gesture.

This meeting took place as a result of the persistent efforts of  Our Organising Secretary, Sri.AL.Cahndramuli

The letter addressed to the FM reads as follows:


To                                                                                            14 September 2013

Hon’ble Sri.P.Chidambaram

Minister of Finance

Government of India

New Delhi

Respected Sir,

Issues of Bank Retirees


All India Bank Retirees’ Federation, representing a large majority of Bank Retirees is the leading constituent of United Forum of Bank Retirees’ Organisations(UFBRO). The UFBRO has submitted a Charter of demands, listing out some of the unresolved grievances of Bank Retirees, to Indian Banks’ Association  and Department of Financial Services Ministry of Finance. We attach a copy of the Charter of Demands for your perusal.


We would like to submit to your good selves that Bank Retirees, who are our members, are the persons largely responsible for the growth of the Public sector Banks and success of Twenty Point programme,IRDP of Smt.Indira Gandhi as well as the rural upliftment in the seventies and eighties. Our compensation packages were kept minimum due to the thin profits posted by banks, at that time. The Pension paid to us  now, cries for a relook by the Government in the light of the present cost of living.


We request you to provide us an opportunity to present and discuss our grievances with representatives of Department of Financial Services Ministry of Finance and Indian Banks’Association so that these grievances are resolved with empathy and sympathy. We would be obliged if the team looks at some of the emotional issues like improvement in Family Pension, improvements in Ex-Gratia Paid to pre-1986 retirees and spouse of deceased pre-1986 retirees and 100% DR Neutralisation to pre-2002 retirees, sympathetically. We would also request you to allocate sufficient resources liberally for this purpose and make the architects of the success of PSBs feel that the nation remembers them with gratitude.

We look forward to your favourable response


Special Leave Petition Admitted



We had already reported to you  about the dismissal of the writ petitions in the matter of 100% D.R.Neutralisation, filed by Com.C.R.Chandrasekaran and some of the retirees of Canara Bank, by the Division Bench of Madras High Court.


We had also advised that the petitioners are filing Special Leave Petition in the Supreme Court of India. The SLP filed by the members came up before the Court on 16-09-13.

We are glad to inform our members that the Special Leave Petition was admitted by the Hon’ble judges. The request by our counsels for expediting the hearing also has been agreed to.

We will be updating you in this regard periodically.


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